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Best ways to immigrate to Montreal, Quebec

Are you dreaming of immigrating to Canada, Quebec, Montreal?

Montreal is a town in the Province of Quebec in Canada. It is the province’s biggest city, the country’s second-largest and North America’s fifteenth-largest. Home to over 100 ethnic and cultural groups, after Paris, Montreal is also the world’s second-largest French-speaking city.

In reality, in second place, The Lonely Planet travel guide includes Montreal in its list of “10 happiest places in the world.”


Montreal is an ideal Immigrant Destination

Montreal is a popular destination for several new Canadians to settle in, with many employment opportunities, universal health care, affordable housing, and living costs, a first-class education system, and rich culture.

Newcomers from around the world should feel right at home in a vibrant city with such a diverse population.


Quebec has great prospects for immigration

There are a number of avenues by which to move to Quebec, which means graduates, businesspeople, professional employees, family members, and refugees have many chances to call Quebec their new home.

The province has recently revised the Quebec Skilled Worker Program in an attempt to help immigrants gain permanent residency in Quebec.



Best ways to fly to Montreal, Quebec


Montreal, Quebec, is an incredibly popular Canadian destination for newcomers. The city is affordable, culturally diverse and there is a high job vacancy rate in Quebec, meaning that there are many job opportunities.


Here are three fantastic choices for permanent resident immigrating to Montreal:


Quebec’s Working Experience Program

The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) is your best choice to immigrate to Montreal if you meet the requirements. Nonetheless, if you wish to apply, PEQ has a few essential conditions that you must follow.

First of all, you must exhibit advanced-intermediate knowledge of the French language. Unfortunately, this software is not for you if you are not a French-speaker.

There are two types of PEQ for those who meet the French-language criteria. Another for those who have direct experience with Quebec and one for those who have worked in Quebec.

To apply for jobs under the process, you must be employed at the time of application in Quebec. This permission is obtained for many applicants via a working holiday visa, a program for young people, or an international internship in the coop. Also, you must have at least 12 months of full-time job experience at the management, professional, or technical level over the previous 2 years.

If you meet those criteria, applying as a worker via PEQ will grant you the permanent status of living and working in Montreal.


Quebec Experience Plan-Quebec Research

Of those who complete Quebec post-secondary education, PEQ’s second tier is. Today, all candidates need advanced-intermediate French skills.

Nevertheless, applicants must demonstrate in the PEQ study stream that they have completed (or will be completed within 6 months) an approved post-secondary program in Quebec.

For general, most two- or more-year post-secondary programs are valid. Nevertheless, those who complete a vocational education diploma (DEP) will review to ensure that they meet the minimum standards of their program.

If you’ve completed your Quebec post-secondary studies, then your best choice to become a permanent resident could be PEQ.


Corporate Citizenship in Quebec

Quebec offers two common immigration business classes: one for businessmen, and the other for investors.

All of these services require significant personal net worth, so if your bank account doesn’t reach the 6 digits (trust us, we get it!) then skip the next path forward.

If you have experience owning a company, the Quebec Entrepreneur Program could be a great match to you.

To apply, you must have a business idea that you are willing to invest at least Us $200,000 in, or your business idea is sponsored by one of Quebec’s approved business accelerators or business incubators.


The Investor Program in Quebec is intended for heavy hit investors.

If you have at least CAD $2 million in personal net worth and are willing to invest at least CAD $1.2 million in Quebec, then you can apply through this stream for permanent residency.


Skilled Worker Program in Quebec

During the past, the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program has approved Quebec immigration applications from overseas employees.

Nevertheless, over the past year, QSW has undergone several substantial changes.

QSW was modified from a first-come, first-served system in August 2018 and replaced by a dynamic, point-based system, similar to the federal Express Entry program.

Applicants with French-language skills and job offers in Quebec were highly prioritized by the new points system, making it more difficult for English speakers who wanted to apply from outside the province.

After the October 2018 Quebec election, a new government came to power and lowered the total immigration limit for Quebec.

QSW was most prominently affected by this reduction. QSW has still not issued a single round of invitations to interested candidates since this election.

While QSW could again be a viable option in the future, particularly for French-speakers and employees with job offers in Quebec, it now appears that the system is in stasis while the government is deciding how best to handle immigration policy.

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