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Canada’s Federal Skilled Trades Program

You are in a great position to apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program as long as you meet the work specifications for that skilled trade as per the NOC, and can meet the minimum eligibility criteria. The FSTP Program is built for skilled workers who choose to become permanent residents based on being qualified in the trade.


Canada Federal Skilled Trades (FSTP) Program:

Are you a dealer with experience in plumbing, electrical, manufacturing, repair, HVAC, farming, cooking, bakery or fabrication works? The FSTP Program for Canada encourages traders from around the world to come to Canada to work and settle in. Canada, one of the most industrialized countries in the world, faces a shortage of tradespeople and this is your chance. This program’s main features are:


  • More than 100 trade and occupations listed
  • Get Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Invited with a Robust Registration Scheme as low as 199
  • Wonderful opportunity to apply to live and work permanently in provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba;
  • Applicants are not expected to show their educational standards for admission into the pool.

How do I apply?

Via Express Entry which manages 3 economic immigration applications:

  • Class of Canada Experience
  • The Federal Trade Professional Initiative
  • Skilled Federal Employees’ Network

Lodge EOI with territories/provinces that are part of the PNP to increase the chances of being invited to apply for Canada Permanent Resident while in the Express Entry list.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED for the Federal Skilled Trades Program:

The documentation needed for the FSTP program in Canada includes:

  • Meet the appropriate level of language
  • Real passport and the past of travel
  • Your company must fall inside the NOC list
  • Must have been interested in your trade for at least 2 of the last 5 years

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