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Family Class Sponsorship Canada

If you have a member of the family residing in Canada, you might be eligible for sponsorship to become a PR in Canada.  Permanent resident’s family members are still permitted to enter the country, spousal applications are processed as normal, with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada allowing some flexibility in submitting incomplete applications.

Canada also receives and handles requests for family members sponsorships. The travel restrictions have left family class immigration the least affected.

Anyone displaying symptoms of Coronavirus will not be allowed into Canada. If you are traveling by air, you must comply with all the airline regulations and pass an airline health check before you are allowed to board your flight. They’ll check your health when you arrive in Canada before you leave the port of entry.

You should not be traveling to Canada if you don’t have a schedule. Upon arrival in Canada, you must have a 14-day quarantine schedule. This is mandatory since you don’t have any signs.

Only persons who provide vital services are excluded from the quarantine conditions.

For example, truck drivers who frequently cross the border to ensure the flow of goods.


Family Class Sponsorship:

You will sponsor those relatives to come to Canada If you’re age 18 and a:


  • Permanent Life in Canada or,
  • A people of Canada or,
  • The person who is registered as an Indian in Canada under

If your relatives become permanent residents of Canada they can study, live, and work in Canada.


Qualified for Sponsorship of Family Class:

Family sponsorship is a means of reuniting Canadian families. There are several ways to sponsor a family member residing abroad to become a permanent resident in Canada for family members who are permanent residents or Canadian citizens. The government of Canada believes in holding families together and prioritizes the processing of the application for sponsorship. The Member of the Canadian Family can sponsor:

  • Common-law partner
  • His or her spouse
  • Dependent child
  • Conjugal partner
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Adopted children

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