Immigration to Canada

Canada’s Express Entry Immigration Program

Applications will take up to six months to process, making this initiative one of Canada’s quickest immigration programs. Unlike the Green Card Lotteries used in the U.S., only immigrants with the necessary qualifications needed in and province can apply.

Why the Express Immigration Program in Canada is Successful?

Canada Express Entry is the most common immigration system offering Canadian permanent residence, launched in January 2015 by the federal government to replace the old method of “first come, first served”


Eventually, applicants who are successful with the program can apply for permanent residence in Canada.


Express Entry to Canada: Request process

  • First, you have to:
  • Find out if you are meeting the basic demands;
  • Build an EE Profile online and ensure that you have your own:
  • Passporting;
  • Document of the Education certificate evaluation;
  • Classification by NOC;
  • Latest studies on language:
  • The IELTS;
  • Canadian Index of English Language Proficiency (CELPIP); and/or
  • French Assessment Exam
  • Canadian work offer (if there is one); and
  • Nomination to a district (if you have one)
  • Receive a score of 1,200 points from a Comprehensive Ranking System;
  • If you score high enough on the CRS, get an ITA. An Invitation to Apply means that you will apply for a permanent domicile in Canada:
  • Please note that for each draw, the score requires applying for a change of permanent residence. And if you don’t qualify for a particular draw, you’re still in the pool for one year.
  • Pay permit fees and a Permanent Residency Fee right;
  • Provide Certificates for Police;
  • Provide evidence of funds to prove your family will support you;
  • Prepare trained health care practitioners for a medical examination; and
  • Contact former employers to provide jobs letters to show that you have credible job experience

If you have a Canadian work offer, please notice that your potential employer will need to provide you with an LMIA.

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